Murrish Maintenance is a family-owned business that was started in 2016 by Andrew Murrish and his wife Suzie. They are a general and electrical contractor in the HOA industry that specializes in building maintenance or “handyman” services. Andrew started his career as an electrician and ended up working for a contractor that only worked for HOA management companies. With determination and a strong work ethic, Andrew was able to climb the ladder and eventually get a position managing all types of trade services for HOA communities. That is when Andrew realized he was capable of running his own company, so he decided to venture on his own and start Murrish Maintenance. It all started with just a few hundred dollars and an old truck. Andrew began by doing handyman work for residential customers and with the help of the 5 star reviews his customer base grew. Soon Murrish Maintenance was given an opportunity to do work for a rapidly growing restaurant chain which quickly became their #1 customer and still is to this day. With this large new client, Andrew decided it was time to take his business more seriously so he pursued his general and electrical contractors license. As Murrish Maintenance grew Suzie joined her husband to take over all his billing and office duties. With Suzie’s financial management they have been able to purchase more vehicles, move into a shop, and hire technicians. After hiring employees Andrew went back to his roots and went after the HOA industry which now collectively makes up the majority of Murrish Maintenance’s clientele. Even though Andrew and Suzie still see themselves as the underdogs in a large-scale industry they have a vision of growth far beyond what they have already created. They strive to be a company that sticks to its humble beginnings. As a small business, it sometimes is hard to compete when it comes to taking care of employees but Murrish Maintenance does all they can to make sure their team feels welcome. They have set their company’s minimum wage to $20 per hour which is far above the state’s minimum and along with the usual paid time off they even give all employees the day off on their birthdays. When you hire Murrish Maintenance you are helping a company that truly gives back. They also have a vision for serving the community and charitable organizations. Together they have participated in serving The Ronald McDonald House, The Los Angeles Pug Rescue, and helping with disaster relief for residents in their local community of Ontario CA just to name a few.